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The Ministry of Justice proposed a platform to control money spent on road construction and repair

A draft presidential decree developed by the Ministry of Justice of Uzbekistan aimed at ensuring financial transparency and public accountability in the sphere of highways has been posted for discussion on the portal.

The SHAFFOF YO’L online platform and its mobile application will be launched and made available to all users.

All state and local road construction programs will be collected on the platform. All planned road construction and repair work will be visualized on an online map, allowing one to see specific street and town names rather than just abstract designations like “4K66”.

The map will be used to track the progress of road construction and repair work, project costs, and the status of completed work.

All road fund receipts will be displayed on the platform’s real-time counter. Once a car is registered, the user will be able to see exactly what the money paid into the road fund has been spent on.

Citizens will be able to leave photo and video messages about roads in need of repair, as well as about problems that may arise on the roads and threaten traffic safety.

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