The project required an assistance to start operating unit of the road equipment pool company (REPC). The assistance provided was to ensure the viability and sustainability of the REPC in developing an efficient equipment management mechanism, introduction of proper administrative procedures, establishing and equipment costing system, and providing on-the-job training for operations and workshop personnel.

Description of actual services provided in the assignment:

  1. Preparation of constitutive and other documents of registration at the state bodies according the legislative base.
  2. Determining the measurements office equipping of the Road Equipment Pool Company.
  3. Elaborating of the organizational structure of the Road Equipment Pool Company.
  4. Recruitment and training of the personnel.
  5. The analysis of current situation and perspectives of the development of automobile road building market in Uzbekistan.
  6. The elaboration of development strategy of the Road Equipment Pool Company.
  7. Elaborating the Investment plan of the Company.