CAREC Regional Road Project, Reconstruction of A380 Road Contract D2 – Project Management and construction Supervision Consultant.

The Project involves the reconstruction of two sections of the A380 road, totaling 131 km, in the following locations.

  • Section 1: 40 km in Kungrad District, Karakalpakstan. (km 876-916);
  • Section 2: 91 km in Tortkul District, Karakalpakstan and Khazarasp district, Khorezm province (km 490-581).

Description of actual services provided in the assignment:

Two major scopes are:

  1. Project Management: maintain records and advise and assist PIU with the day-to-day coordination and supervision of the Project and its components, including the preparation of regular progress reports; coordinate and review updated designs and cost estimates prepared by the design consultants; coordinate and supervise the work of field teams in supervising and certifying construction in accordance with contract conditions etc.
  2. Construction Supervision: ensure that the construction methods proposed by the contractors for carrying out the works are satisfactory; inspection of contractor’s construction equipment, results of material and soil tests, safety of the works, property and personnel; inspect and test all materials and works to ensure compliance with specifications and giving immediate notice to the contractor in the event that such materials and works fail to comply with the specifications; ensure that road safety design requirements are implemented in accordance with the contract etc.